Amazfit Verge Highly Sensitive Screen Protector for Users

Amazfit Verge smart watch from the brand Xiaomi comes with an innovative style that feels good and looks even better on the wrist with its 1.3 inches AMOLED screen, color depth, and crystal clear clarity of the screen. The smart watch adapts to various lighting environment automatically and hence offers the best viewing experience in whichever lighting condition the user is. Amazfit Verge watch is the true fashion sense meeting the functionality with its sleek and modern design. The watch is available in three design and colors making it a perfect accessory for any trendy look of any occasion. Amazfit Verge screen protector is available in the market for the enhanced protection from scratches, scrapes, and scuffs.


Watch for the tracker's delight

The waistband of the smart watch is hypo allergic and very comfortable design-wise that keeps the solace of the wearer as the first priority. Also, the optimal screen size makes sure that the watch can fit any wrist. Posting the most advanced features and sensors from the smart watch industry, the watch gives actionable insights into the wellness and well-being of the user as it can track up to 11 different sports and fitness activities like running, soccer, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, walking, trail running, climbing, tennis, skiing and many more. The display screen of the watch helps you take the calls from your wrist by connecting to your Android phone via Bluetooth. Also, one receives real-time notifications on the display of the watch be it for email, text or other notifications from favorite mobile apps. The battery of the Amazfit Verge band last on an average of five days on a single charge and the screen would last long only if you protect it with the Amazfit Verge screen guard that comes at the very affordable rates through the online portal that deals in premium quality mobile accessories and tempered glasses.


Completes the full circle

Specifically designed for Amazfit Verge smart watch, the tempered glass comes with a precisely cut round shape to fit the original screen. The 9H hardness of the glass material assures that the original screen does not earn scratches or scrapes with the usage over the period of time. A smart watch can receive scuffs even by rubbing against car keys so its protection is very necessary because it’s the screen which performs all this function and a minor issue with the touch screen functionality may render the watch useless.

It is always better to take precautions rather than going for the cures so the impact resistant and not easy to get scratched screen protector for the Amazfit Verge smart watch acquired beforehand will help us to avoid the situation that can make the watch lose its beauty and functionality.


Why the tempered glass is made transparent?

The tempered glass is always made transparent with ultra highlight transmittance so that it does not obstruct the touch sensitivity of the watch. Moreover, they are ultralow reflectors so that you can easily read the screen even under direct light of the sun. The highly transparent tempered glass does not interfere with the touch function of the smart watch nor can anyone judge by looking at the smart watch that it has been protected with the tempered glass.


How the tempered glass is installed on the watch’s screen?

The highly sensitive, durable, lightweight and flexible Amazfit Verge screen protector comes with the strong silicon adhesive at the back that makes it easy to install it on the original screen without letting any air bubble generation between the tempered glass and the original screen. There is no need for the professional assistance for installing the glass. This tempered glass avoids fingerprint marks on the screen as it provides an oleo-phobic coating on the original screen without affecting its touch screen sensitivity.

The tempered glass also perform is the function of avoiding the scattering of original glass in case it breaks down accidentally on minor fall or bang.